My heart is to share His love and grace to help others learn to live in freedom.  If you or your ministry are interested in booking a speaking engagement, please contact me via email at suelovenlife@gmail.com or phone at 865-938-6648.  I would love to discuss topics for your ministry!

Upcoming Speaking Engagements:

November 18, 2014 - Mount Eagle, TN

Recent Topics:

"Building a Legacy"  -Given at North Fellowship Church, May 3, 2014, during their Women's Spring Tea.  In this talk, we journeyed through Nehemiah and looked at how God rebuilds the broken areas of our lives and how He has called all of us to leave a legacy.

"Yield or Yell"  As moms, we are all tempted to lose our patience and yell.  In this talk, I explain the difference in living according the flesh and living in the Spirit and what to do when we mess up (because we all do!).
 -Given at Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church Pep Moms  9/18/2012
- Given at Redemption Church 1/8/13

Topics stirring in my heart:

"Rebuilding the Broken" - A journey through Nehemiah and how the Holy Spirit will rebuild the broken areas in our lives. 

"Beaten by Things Unreal"- Identifying what is truth and what is a lie.  Oftentimes our fears are rooted in the lies we believe.

"Rejection- The Lie"-  The fear of rejection kept me in bondage for most of my life.  In this talk, I will identify the lies we believe as women when it comes to rejection and reveal how to overcome this fear from my own experiences and Biblical truths. 

"The Purpose of Purity" (geared towards youth) -In this world, in can be difficult to set boundaries of purity.  Why are these boundaries important and what is the big deal if we fudge a little with living in purity?  In this talk I will talk about my own struggles with purity in the past, the consequences, and how Jesus cleansed me and made me pure again.