Monday, December 5, 2011

Eyes Off Us

Last Monday night, we actually discussed two weeks of the Bible study.  It was all too good to put on just one post.  So, here is part two.....

Sometimes we are victims to our insecurity triggers.  Others times, we are the ones pulling the trigger.

Today, at work or school or shopping or at the gym, there are women all around you ALSO with insecurity triggers.  We unknowingly and unintentionally do things to bring out insecurity in others.

I don't want to play a part in pulling the trigger for any of my fellow girlfriends.  However, we all have probably done it at one time or another.  The result is that we all go around a little wounded from being shot at, whether intentional or not.

Insecurity has robbed us of some wonderful female friendships.   Why do we feel threatened by other women?  Why do we compare ourselves to them?  Aren't we all mostly all the same? 

Why do we assume that it takes away something from ourselves if another person is pretty, smart, witty, talented, well-to-do, organized, or well-off financially.  It doesn't take anything from us.  God made us all different and He has given us all different talents, gifts, and abilities. 

Beth Moore talks about "bad math" in her book, So Long Insecurity.  This math concludes:

I tried to talk to her + she didn't seem like she wanted to talk to me= she doesn't like me.

She is beautiful + she gets all the attention= she must be a snob

She's got this + she's got that= I've got nothing.  

She doesn't have this problem + I have that problem= everything is great for her and not for me.

Bad Math - why do we assume because someone else has something we do not have that it means we are less or that we are nothing. 

We need to trust God that He has given us what we need.  He is our provider!  He has promised to give you everything you need. 

We are fearfully and wonderfully made! (Ps 139:14) God created us and put everything in us He wants us to have, and He has a good plan for all of us.  When we trust in His plan and obey Him, we have no need to compare.

Knowing that ALL women have insecurity triggers and many of them are constantly using bad math gives us the opportunity to look outward and upward instead of dwelling on ourselves.  When we go into a situation, look around you, be mindful and aware of others.  Let's get our eyes off of us and onto others. 

Personalize people, get to know them and the barriers go down.  The problem is that we don't allow ourselves a chance at a relationship with someone we feel is superior to us in some way.  They are not.  We tend to be threatened by people we don't know personally because we assume they must be perfect or not have any problems.  Not so.  They too have issues and insecurity triggers.

We have Jesus Christ living inside of us, we should be the most secure people in the world!!

Not only does God say you are loved, He also says you are lovely!

How lovely is your dwelling place, O Lord Almight!  Ps 84:1

Let that sink in for a moment.  I've sure you have heard this verse or even sang it.  Have you thought about the location of his "dwelling place"?  It is YOU!  You are His dwelling place! YOU ARE LOVELY!!

Remember Who is inside of you.  He made you lovely.  He chose YOU as His dwelling place.  He could have chosen anything to reside it.  Heaven seems like a nice place to reside.  You are more lovely....what a Treasure you hold.

Walk around today with the knowledge and assurance that YOU ARE LOVELY and YOU ARE A LIVING VESSEL OF THE GREATEST TREASURE. 

This Wednesday will be the last post on this series.  Tune back in Wednesday for a GIVEAWAY!  

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