Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer of Honor and Significance

As I was writing out goals for my children this summer, the goals just didn't seem to be what my heart really wanted to teach my children this summer.   I tried to use the same formula I used for myself with setting spiritual, physical, and relational goals.  Somehow, it just was not fitting in with the main goal for my family. 

If your kids are anything like mine, summer can be a stressful time with them being together all the time.  Their constant time together can result in whining, arguing, complaining, and bickering.  Sometimes it is over something they are doing and other times it is about literally nothing.  You know, arguing about things like if Goofy is a dog or not, if Luke Skywalker can fly, if Peter Pan is real.  Things that are really life altering.  : ) 

I began reading a book recommended by a friend called, "Say Goodbye to Whining, Complaining, and Bad Attitudes in You and Your Kids!" by Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller.  It is one of those life changing books you wish you would have read years ago.   It is all about honor.

While reading this book, I decided that I wanted this summer to be about honor.  I want to teach my kids what honor means.  Teaching my kids to honor is my main goal for them this summer. 

We want our family to be a place where we all value and honor each other.

You may be thinking that sounds like a fairy tale, but I believe it can happen. 

Exodus 20:12 says:  Honor your father and your mother that your days may be long upon the land which your Lord your God is giving you.   It is one of the 10 commandments and pretty important.  : )  God wouldn't give us this commandment if it was impossible!  All things are possible with Him. 

However, we as parents must also honor our children.  Children also must honor each other and other adults as well. 

So, what does honor look like in a family?  The book above gives great insight into how honor is displayed in a family.

Honor is rooted in love.  When you love others with the love of Jesus, you will honor them. 

Honor thinks of others before himself.

Honor gives more than what is expected.

Honor puts other's needs above your own.

Honor values others and treats them as special.

Honor has a good attitude. 

When we show honor to others, it is like giving them a gift.  When we dishonor others it is like giving them a bag of dirt.  (I actually plan to use this example with my kids as an example of honor vs. dishonor--it is an idea from the book.)

We dishonor others when we say hurtful words, yell, complain, argue, have a bad attitude and are selfish.  All dishonor is sin

Most dishonor is rooted in selfishness.  The book pointed out that selfishness is not something children just outgrow.  It gets ingrained in them if not addressed.

When we dishonor someone with our words or actions, we are expressing that we do not value them.

Complaining:  Not valuing what you have, not being thankful.  It is actually dishonoring to the Lord! Honor values what you have been given and is thankful for it.

Children Arguing:  Children are not valuing each other and their relationship.  Honor values every person and sets out to give and bless others. 

Parents yelling at Children:  Parents are not valuing their children.  Honor challenges us as parents to evaluate how we treat our children and others. 

What a different world we would live in if everyone honored each other.   We can at least start with teaching honor in our families.   I encourage you to get the book I mentioned if you want to have a family who honors each other.  I just gave you a few pages of insight I learned from the book.  It is an excellent book for learning about honor. 

Hope you are having a Summer of Significance!

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  1. This goes right along with what I am doing with my kids. I bought a poster board and put 6 columns on it, with titles like laziness, widsom, strife, anger. Then I put appropriate scriptures for each subject. When someone commits an infraction, they have to read the scriptures out loud, and Mom's included.


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