Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Confident Heart {Week 2}

We finished week 2 of A Confident Heart by Renee Swope.  This week we read the following chapters:

Chapter 3: Finding Love That Won't Fail Even When I Do

Chapter 4: God Promises Hope for My Future Despite the Pain of My Past

In Chapter 3, Renee revealed how she once searched for significance in the approval of people, relationships, places and things.

Renee writes:

"Those of us who struggle with insecurity and find ourselves in the shadow of doubt often get there because we are seeking our validation in people's opinions, our worth in accomplishments, and our identity in excessive commitments."  

We seek validation trying to fill the empty places of our hearts.  God revealed to me about two years ago that I had a tendency to idolize certain people in my life.  I held their relationship on a pedestal that was reserved for God alone.  I was hoping they would fill the empty places only God can fill.   

At some point we have to ask ourselves a question--"Is God's Love Enough?"  (pg. 54)

Just recently, I stepped down from a leadership position at my church.  It was a tough decision because I loved serving with the people in that ministry.  It also was tough because I was afraid of losing the "title" and "position" in leadership.  I had to ask myself some hard questions about why I was afraid of losing a "position".  The Lord helped me to see I didn't need the position to be used by Him.

My position does not determine my purpose or my identity.  My identity and purpose come from Him.  

What about you?

In the Reflection and Discussion Questions in Chapter 3, Renee asks:

Think about your desire to find a relationship, a job, a calling, or something else that would stisfy the longings of your heart.  Have you every looked to something or someone to fill or fulfill you?  Describe how that might have shaped the pattern of your thoughts, decision, and pursuits. 

"The origin of the word worship comes from blending tow words to form 'worth-ship'. When we worship something or someone, we give them great worth in our lives and oftentimes we find our worth in them" (p. 58).  Where are you most tempted to find your worth? In what area is it hardest to let God define you and not the world's standards (i.e. career, financial success, motherhood, marriage, or ministry)?

Ladies, I think I will break up Chapter 3 and 4 and write about Chapter 4 on Friday.  Come back on Friday and we will discuss Chapter 4.  I would love to hear what the Lord is revealing to you this week from the discussion questions. 

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  1. This blog indicate love is life this only purpose of living, and it should be because love is life without love no body can survive in this world, without support of anybody life is like a empty water bottle.


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