Monday, August 27, 2012


Last weekend, my family made the long haul up to Michigan for Chris' brother's wedding.  It was beautiful!  The setting was a lavish flower garden complete with a stream and waterfalls.  The place was a gorgeous setting for a wedding. 

As the bridal party made their way down a stone staircase trimmed with flowers, one of the bride maids stumbled.  She quickly regained her composure, but it was apparent that her heel was now hanging off her shoe.  So, she did what any sensible woman would do, she kicked her shoes off to the side and continued her graceful pace. 

She could have decided to continue walking in her broken shoes.  She could have kept the hindering heel.  However, if she would have stayed in her shoes, she would have walked with an awkward ungraceful limp. Not to mention the even more awkward heel that would have been dangling beneath her feet.

Great peace have those who love Your law and nothing shall offend them.  Psalms 119:165

The word "offend" above is the word mikshowl in the original Hebrew.  It means to stumble or cause to stumble.  

My New King James Bible translates Psalms 119:165 as "Great peace have those who love Your law and nothing shall cause them to stumble."

Offenses can cause us to stumble if we let them.  However, God says that those who love His law will have great peace and nothing shall cause them to stumble.  No offenses.  Nothing shall offend them.  

We have to remember we have a choice when someone does something that could offend us.  Our response is up to us.  We don't have to keep the offense that will cause us to limp.  We can toss the offense to the side and keep walking in the Lord.  Like the brides maid kicked off her broken shoe, we can kick off the offense so we will not stumble. 

I don't want any awkward dangling offenses keeping me from walking gracefully with the Lord.  I know you don't either. 

Let's kick off those offenses that try to cause us to stumble and get free.  Kick off those shoes and get Footloose!  

Dear Lord, I know I may have opportunities to get offended this week or even today.  I pray that when those opportunities happen, that you would help me choose the right response.  I pray I would have peace and that nothing would offend me.  I pray that I would not stumble, but walk gracefully in You by the power of Your Holy Spirit.  In Jesus' Name. Amen.


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  1. Sue, what a blessing you Footloose Message was to me today! I've been with with my sweet sweet daddy the last few days trying to make his last days here on this earth comfortable and peaceful. Last night in the midst of a difficult time my brother said something hurtful to me. I know it wasn't intentional. So I just walked away & sat outside & prayed for a while but was still struggling with it when I read your message today. Like you, your footloose message was a real God send. Thanks!


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