Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Happy Endings

 I am currently leading a facebook small group for Proverbs 31 Ministries Online Bible Studies with Melissa Taylor.  We are on Chapter 5 of Stressed-Less Living by Tracie Miles. 

This book was God ordained for this time in my life.  Chapter 5 is no exception. There were so many treasures in this chapter, but if I had to remember only one point, it would be that the Lord remembers.  

In Chapter 5, Tracie explains the story of Hannah from 1 Samuel 1.  If you haven't read the story of Hannah, I encourage you to go and read it now. Hannah's heart desire was for a baby.  She was childless. 

"And she was in bitterness of soul, and prayed to the Lord and wept in anguish." 1 Samuel 1:10

"...and the Lord remembered her."  1 Samuel 1:19

I love that..."and the Lord remembered her".

Do you feel as if the Lord has forgotten you?  Hannah may have felt like the Lord had forgotten her and her desire for a child.  He did not forget.  No doubt she had asked the Lord for a child before this day.  What was different about this request?  Desperation. 

There is something powerful that happens when we come to the Lord in desperation. 

Recently, I heard Karen Ellison, the founder of Deeper Still, explain that Jesus didn't go knocking on people's doors asking if He could heal them.  Everyone who received healing from Jesus was desperate and sought Jesus desperately!  When they sought Jesus desperately, He healed every single one who came to Him.  It wasn't even the healing they were seeking, they sought the Healer! 

Hannah was desperate.  Hannah sought the Healer and entreated Him to remember her.  He did. 

What are you desperate for today?  What part of your  life do you need Jesus to touch?  Your marriage?  Health?  Job?   Finances?  Children?  When we finally come to the end of ourselves and realize we cannot fix our problem, and we fall to our knees in desperation, He meets us and touches our lives and heals what only He can heal.

He has not forgotten you. 

Hannah's story has a happy ending and as Tracie wrote "I believe that our heavenly Father wants us all to have happy endings." (pg. 96) 

"As we make faith a priority and learn to trust in God's plans, even if we do not understand them or like them, the doors will be flung wide open for God to enter our lives and begin his mighty work.  During the wait we are called to fall on our knees just like Hannah and pour out our hearts to him.  We are called to live life in a state of dependency on Him, believing that His peace is available in any situation."  (pg. 97) 

The Lord wants us to seek Him.  I need Him to hold me, to protect me, to comfort me, and keep me shielded in His love.  When I curl up in His presence and seek His face, I feel safe, secure, and full of peace. He always guides me.  He always remembers my requests.  He remembers yours also. 

While we are waiting for the positive outcome, we can rest knowing He is working on our happy ending.  Even when the endings don't turn out exactly how we would have written them, we can trust that His ending is better.   We can trust Him for a happy ending.  He writes the best Books! 


  1. Just beautiful Sue. I too was touched by the fact that He Remembers. Thank you for this post. It's beautiful.

  2. Sweet Sue~ Thank you for sharing about happy endings. "Even when the endings don't turn out exactly how we would have written them, we can trust that His ending is better. We can trust Him for a happy ending. He writes the best Books! " That IS beautiful!

  3. OH this is wonderful, can´t wait to finish reading chapter 5. I usually have to wait till the weekend, but I meditate on the verses all week. It is great to see how these words spoke to you.

    I do sometimes feel like there is a great pause in my communication with God, like He is having me wait for something really big. I tell myself that is the reason for the quiet. Often, I feel alone in this time but really try to seek His face and wait, as Hannah did. God always has a bigger plan than we do. ;)

    So glad to be doing this study with you!


  4. Thank you Hope, Marcie and Dani! I know I always want the answer right away, but God often does the growing in the waiting. Thank you for coming by today!

  5. I love your thoughts here Sue. The Lord remembers. I also enjoyed the story of Hannah and realizing that it is in our desperate moments, perhaps it is when we offer up our most heartfelt prayers. When we seek the Healer perhaps more than the healing. Thank you for sharing your heart! Love you!

  6. so beautiful Sue! :) thank you for sharing!

  7. Oh, what assurance we have - to come boldly to Him when we are in need; Sweetly put Sue - thank you for sharing!♥♥♥

  8. Thanks for sharing this Sue, this is what I needed to hear today. This chapter has spoken deeply to me and there is much to be absorbed in the process. God is calling and I need to be seeking and following what is His plan for me.

  9. No coincidence that I chose to read your blog today... Desperation is something I seem to deal with a lot and was actually just thinking about that word this morning. Thank you for a different perspective than what I was thinking! We become 'desperate' when we continue to try to accomplish things on our own. Of course we would be desperate! I was thinking of desperation in a negative context... that I continue to do things on my own and I am left feeling desperate... but not all the time reaching out to Jesus in my desperation. Thank you for the reminder to reach out to Him during those moments, and to focus my 'desperation' on Him!

    Kandace (OBS Prayer Team)

  10. Sue,

    This is so good! Seek the healer!

    Love ya!



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