Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A New Name

In John 4, we meet a Samaritan woman.  I encourage you to go and read John 4 now if you haven’t read it recently. 

Samaritans were considered outcasts to Jews, especially religious Jews.  Every day this woman would go to the well to draw water.  Every day was the same.  She would go get the water and come back on her own.  Alone. No conversation.  No friendly faces.  No one to help carry her load…. Until one day, Jesus.

Isn’t that the story of us all?  Mmmm…”Until…Jesus.” 

Let’s look at parts of the story…

“A woman of Samaria came to draw water.  Jesus said to her, “Give Me a drink.”
I want you to notice that Jesus asked her to give Him what was in her hands.  He didn’t ask for more than she could give.  He didn’t ask her to give anything other than what He knew she could give.  Listen to her answer…

“Then the woman of Samaria said to Him, “How is it that You, being a Jew, ask a drink from me, a Samaritan woman?  For Jews have no dealings with Samaritans.” 

Oh sweet one, I hear myself in that question the Samaritan asked.  Only mine might read…

“How is it that You ask me to lead that small group?”
“How is it that You ask me to write this post or book?”
“How is it that You want me to share Your Word in front of that group?”  
“How is it that You want me to be a part of that ministry?”
“How is it that You want me to pray for that person?”

Then, we label ourselves.  Only our labels are not as blatant as “Samaritan”.  Our labels might be:  Inadequate. Ill-equipped. Weak. Insecure. Insignificant. Less-than.
What would I have said to Jesus if it would have been me at the well?  What do I say to Jesus now as He meets me and asks for “a drink”.
Do I say, “How is it that You ask me to lead, don’t you know that I am not as qualified as others.  There are so many others who could do that better than I could.” 

Sadly, at times, that is my answer to my Creator, the King of Kings.  He asks me to do something and HELLO, if He is asking it of me, He knows I can do it!!  He would not ask me to give something He hasn’t given me.  

Jesus knew everything about the woman at the well.  He knew her past mistakes.  He knew her failures and insecurities.  He knew her deepest longing and greatest fears.  He knew her weaknesses and strengths.  He knew it all and yet, He still asked for a drink.

God knows everything about me as well.  My talk with God at the well is something like this:

Sue, I know the rejection you felt growing up.  I know you felt like no one ever listened to you and what you had to say wasn’t important.  I know how you never felt good enough.  I know it hurt when you were teased.  I know how you failed and turned your back on me.  I saw you when you cried out to me in desperation.  I know it hurt when those whom you love rejected you recently.  But Sue, none of that defines who you are.  I will never leave you.  I am for you.  You have never lived one unloved moment in your life.  Even if others do reject you, I never will.  I accept you just the way you are.  You are enough because I AM enough.  Come, let me satisfy you with the Living Water that fills in all the empty places.  I have anointed you.  I have appointed you.  I approve of you. You are adorable.  You are Mine, daughter of the Most High.

Dear friends, God knows your weaknesses, He knows your strengths.  He knows your mess-ups. He knows your insecurities and doubts.  He knows the desires of your heart and the fears deep within you.  He knows it all and yet, He still comes and asks for you to pour out your life as a drink offering unto Him.   He fills in the gaps where we are weak and provides us with the strength we need to fulfill the requirements He asks.  He doesn’t put the same label on us that we do. 

The only label He brands on us is:

“Righteous, Worthy, Beautiful, Redeemed, Equipped, Annointed, Appointed, Approved, Beloved, Adored, Lovely, Loved.” (2 Cor 5:21, John 3:16, Songs 7:1, Ps 31:5, 2 Tim 1:11, Matt 26:19, Is 61, 2 Cor 10:18)

 It is time I stop agreeing with the lies of the enemy and start believing what the Most High God, my Daddy, says about me!!  What do you say?  Who is with me?! 

No more will we label ourselves: Inadequate, Ill-equipped, Insignificant or Insecure. 

Today we toss those old names down the well!  

We have been given a new name.  


  1. I love this. Yes, we are anointed, appointed, approved! Thank you for this reminder. Love you, Sue. Thank you for sharing your gifts with all of us!

  2. My list of "how is it that" would include How is it that you, a sinner, you a liar, you, who loses control, you who gets angry, you who uses bad language, etc. ask me to raise Godly children, to lead Bible study, to _______, and _____, and ______.

    I'm tossing those names i give myself down the well with you! I LOVE that he gives us those wonderful labels even though we, by ourselves are so unworthy!

  3. Thank you Sue for reminding me of who I am in Jesus. I loved all of the words that you used and the verses to go with them!!

  4. Becky, Homeskoolmom, and Kim, thank you for your comments. I am honored that you came by today. Love, Sue

  5. Wow girl you rocked it with this one. Talk about guilt. Now I am seeing from this blog how much I am like that woman at the well and all those things I should be doing and don't. Love you! Debbie W. (OBS Facebook Group Leader)

  6. Wow, love this~I want you to notice that Jesus asked her to give Him what was in her hands. He didn’t ask for more than she could give. He didn’t ask her to give anything other than what He knew she could give~ I also love the talk with God at the well. Awesome post!

  7. Thanks Debbie and Cathy,

    No guilt Debbie!! Love you!! -Sue


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