Friday, September 12, 2014

My Un-Rushed Moment

Recently I stumbled across an episode of "The Golden Girls".  Do you remember that show?  I didn't watch it when I was younger and I can't say I'm a fan now. But this particular episode caught my attention.

Dorthy and her mother share a bed.  As they were exchanging comical banter in the bed, my thoughts shifted to the sweetness of this relationship.  The mother is about 90 years old.  The daughter is about 65.  Again, my thoughts shifted...this time turning to a page in my own story.

My daughter is seven.  Every night she likes me to lay in bed with her "for a couple of minutes".  Some nights I do and some I don't.  I use to rush past these nighttime moments after a day of exhaustion, just wanting to get the kids in bed.

Sometimes my flesh continues to cry, "Just get them to bed so you can relax!"

However, my heart whispers wisdom.

"Don't rush this moment.  Read the Bible with her.  Pray.  Cuddle. Sing."

Someday, I will be 90 and my daughter will be 65.  I may not be lying in bed with her then, but I can now. We can have comical banter and laughter now.  These days won't last forever.  These un-rushed moments  ripen relationship and mold memories.

We need to un-rush our lives to uncover moments of living.

Lysa Terkeurst talks about "un-rushing" our lives in her new book, The Best Yes.  I just finished reading it and it is full of wisdom.  Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies is starting a new Bible study using this book on September 22.  If you are interested in joining the study, you can click on this link to find out more information or register

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