Saturday, August 2, 2014

Named {And WINNER Announced!}

Last night I went through the names of all who entered to win this beautiful wallet.

Crinkled paper strips laid on my bed.  Paper shredded on its own would be nothing more than a mess.  However, each of these fragments were personalized with ink.  Names penned in ink made these strips individualized.  The names made the paper scraps significant.

As they laid there all crumpled and torn, I took each paper in my hand and prayed over each name.  Yes, I prayed for you each by name.

"I have called you by your name; I have named you, though you have not known Me." Isaiah 45:4

The Lord knows your name.  He named you.

If you have ever had a child, you probably went through the rigorous pursuit of finding the perfect name. Hours were spend over baby name books or websites. We named each baby long before birth.  We loved each one and called them by name before our existence was even known.

We understand the importance of a name.  So does the Lord.

At times we may feel like that crumpled up scrap that laid on my bed, but He doesn't see our torn up mess. Instead, He sees His daughter, whom He named and loved long before we ever knew Him, even before we were born.

I pray you would think about your name today.  Sometimes the Lord gives us a new name, different than our earthly name.  Perhaps ask the Lord what He has named you.

He takes your name in His hand and prays over your name.

The winner of the giveaway this week is....PAT EWING!!!  Congratulations Pat!!  



  1. Woo hoo Pat Ewing! Thank you for the prayers Sue & another beautiful blog post! I'm saying a prayer back for you right now! ♡ Melissa Sherlin

  2. Thank you Melissa! Love you friend!!

  3. Thank you so much, Sue!! I love it and LOVE your post today --- I never really thought about my name before. Thank you for your prayers. Lifting you up today and asking that He continues to give you wisdom in your service to Him.



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