Tuesday, March 22, 2011

He Picked You!

Do you remember when you were in PE in elementary school and the teacher had two kids pick the teams? Everyone lined up against the wall and one by one everyone was picked for a team.  Didn't you love that?!  It is like the teachers got together and decided how can we make these kids feel really bad about themselves today.  Let's really give their self-esteem a kick in the rear.  That is unless you were very athletic and popular, then maybe you liked it.  During that process, it was easy to think.....why am I not being picked?  I am not pretty, I am not liked, I am not good at sports, etc. 

Well...... I was the kid usually picked last.  Yep, I am not very coordinated and in elementary school, I was a little overweight, and not popular.  So, I was picked last most of the time.  No worries though, several years of therapy and I'm over it now.  ; ) 

Thankfully, the kingdom of God doesn't work like elementary PE class!  

"He has chosen us before the foundation of the world that we should be 
holy and without blame before him in love."  Ephesians 1:4

Check this out....GOD chose us!  It doesn't matter if little bully Billy didn't choose us....GOD did!  

How does this apply to today.....?

There are certain Christians who believe that we are predestined to be chosen by God.  They actually believe there are some people here on earth who God never created to be picked by Him.  Are you kidding me?!!!!

God created ALL of us to come to Him.  He created ALL of us to choose Him so we could live forever with Him in Heaven.   There were none of us that were just "lucky" enough to be picked by God and the rest of the people just have to suffer against the wall.  It grieves me that some people actually think this way.   God chooses everybody...... but everybody does not choose Him. Some people choose not to join His team when He calls their name. 

God not only chose you, He picked you and He has a great plan for you!  It doesn't matter where you have been, it doesn't matter what you look like, and it doesn't matter what your background is like.  He wants you on His team, He needs you on His team.  Rejoice today knowing you are loved by our Creator and He chose you before the foundation of the world for a specific and unique purpose!   


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