Monday, March 7, 2011

Someday My Prince Will Come.....

 "God exalted Him to His right hand to be Prince and Leader and Savior and Deliverer and Preserver, in order to grant repentance to Israel and to bestow forgiveness and release from sins."
Acts 5:31 (AMP)

My little girl loves fairy tales..... Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Little Mermaid, and now a new favorite- Tangled.  Such wonderful stories about how a beautiful girl is rescued by a handsome Prince usually riding a white horse.  Why do little girls love these fairytales so much, why do we love them?

.....Because it is our hearts desire, because it is our deepest longing, because it is our dream to be rescued, to be swept off our feet and carried away to a castle by our Prince.  It is so good to have these dreams. 

I once heard a woman say that she wasn't going to let her little girl believe in fairy tales.  She said she didn't let her little girl watch fairy tales and she was going to make sure she knew there wasn't ever going to be a prince come.  She didn't want her little girl to get her hopes up just to have them shattered.  Hmmm......immediately I felt sorry for this little girl, my heart sank for her.   Her mother was well intended, trying to protect her from what she considered to be the disappointment of reality. 

Is there no such thing as a fairy tale?   Should we not get our hopes up?  (Personally, I don't like that expression...really, do you want your hopes to be down?)

No man is perfect, no man can ever fill our hearts desires, no man can ever satisfy our greatest needs.

There is ONE though that can, ONE that longs to, ONE that loves you flawlessly, faithfully, and completely.  ONE that you can trust with every fiber of your being, ONE that will never fail you.  

I would say to you and to the woman mentioned above (and I did say it to her) : )-- YOU ARE MISSING IT!

There IS a Prince!  It isn't a fairy tale!  There is a Prince that is far more handsome and wonderful than any prince Cinderella ever imagined in her dreams and His name is JESUS (and He even comes riding on a white horse!).

"I saw heaven opened and behold, a white horse appeared!  The One Who was riding it is called Faithful and True..."  Rev 19:11
He already came to rescue you, all you have to do is hold out your arms and grab onto Him.  Ask Him to be your Prince, to be your healer, to be your Savior today if you haven't already.  You are a daughter of a King..... a princess, dear one.


  1. I love this picture of our true, appointed prince! I talk with parents often and will remember to have them share this valuable truth with their daughters. Thank you!


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