Friday, January 27, 2012

The Last Key

We are reaching an end to the series on the "Keys To Receiving".

I just want to reiterate that I am a grace girl.  Legalism is just a long four letter word to me.  Some of these "keys" could be viewed as being legalistic, as saying you have to "do" certain things in order for God to hear you.  I just want to say that I am NOT saying that, otherwise, how could sinners ever come to Him? However, there are things we do that hinder our relationship with the Lord and  keep us from receiving from Him. 

If you have kids, it is easier to relate.  As parents, we want to bless our kids.  We want to give them the best we have to offer.  However, sometimes they hinder our ability to bless them by their actions.   It is hard to bless them when what they really need is a pat on their blessed assurance, if you know what I mean.

In addition, the keys I have mentioned are clearly stated in God's Word.  They are not taken out of context.  They are in fact and in reality written so that we will know how to pray and how to receive from the Lord when in need. They are not conclusive, but are guidelines. 

The last key I am going to share is found in James 4:3

"You ask and do not receive, because you ask amiss, that you may spend it on your pleasures." 

The word "amiss" above in the Greek is kakos and it means "improperly, wrong".  Another definition given is "with bad intent."

Motive is key.  And so:

Key to Receiving #6:  Motive

Heart attitudes and motive are vital in receiving from the Lord.

God cares more about our heart attitudes and motives of the heart than our comfort.  I once went through a year and a half of misery due to a wrong heart attitude.  I couldn't see it until I went to the Lord and began asking why I was in the situation.  He showed me. It brought me to my knees in repentance.

Do you remember the other day when I addressed the "million dollars" example?  If you are asking God for a million dollars or anything else, why do you desire it?  What is truly in your heart?  He will not give us anything we are not ready for or anything that will hurt us or our relationship with Him.  Also, in that example and others, God may not just hand us what we ask for, we do have to work at times for it.  I have found that even our Christ given right of freedom takes some work on our part to acquire and maintain.  This work involves bible reading, bible study and prayer.  I would not be able to maintain my freedom in Christ without those habits. 

The key ring that binds all of these keys together is LOVE.  Faith works by love.  If you are not walking in love, it will be difficult to receive from the Lord. If the love of God abides in you, you will have no problem with a pure heart, keeping His commandments, asking and believing, and your motives will be pure.

In conclusion to this series, I have come up with a acronym (that I find humorous) for these keys:


Key #1: Pure Heart(John 24:4-5)
Key #2: Living a life that pleases the Lord, Keeping His Commandments (1 John 3:21-23)
Key #3: Ask (John 16:24)
Key #4 Believe (Matt 21:22)
Key #5 Abiding in Christ (John 15:7)
Key #6 Motive

The next time feel your prayers are hitting the ceiling or that you cannot hear from the Lord, remember these keys and do a heart check.  Keep them all bound together on the key chain of love.  Study the love passage (1Cor 13).  God wants to give you, His children, your heart desires in His perfect timing.  Then, PLABAM!, you will see the Lord move in your life!

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